Brexit – Is This Really Going To Affect The Property Market?

It’s hard to believe that it was nearly a year and half ago since the UK voted to leave the EU! The Brexit vote on the 23rd June 2016 divided the nation. So, whilst the Government muddle their way through finding the best deal for Britain, we wondered how Brexit would affect the property industry.

There are number of articles which say how Brexit will affect the big corporate property agents, but what about the Independent Agents? What about the Agents outside of London and the South?
We work with a number of Estate Agents across the UK and felt who better to help us work out the impact of Brexit on the northern property sector. Our blog today will hopefully shed some light on the topic, so here is what our Agents have to say:

Michael Murphy, John Brown Estate Agents (St. Helens)

“As soon as Brexit was confirmed the market seemed to drop into some a lull due to the not knowing what will happen and how the decision will affect the country. Once Brexit has been completed I think the market will become more consistent and stable. The uncertainty will have gone and we can get back to doing what we do well, selling houses”
Steven Gibson, Smart Move (Tarleton, Longton, Churchtown & Ormskirk)
“We haven’t seen any effect yet after the Brexit result and we don’t believe there ever will be. The property market in the North West is going from strength to strength and we only see it improving”

Meisam Esfehanian, Black Horse Property (Bradford)

“I think Brexit will have a big impact in different sectors in the UK but not much on housing and property market as value of properties has more to do with UK economy, interest rate and inflation.

If job demands are high so as search for rental properties within the region and as we are facing lack of enough properties in certain areas therefore prices will not fall anytime soon.
Within Bradford area I do not think if Brexit has any effect because of a very focused Asian community in it and it will continue to be on its steady flow”

Rahul Jain, OpenHouse (Leicester)

“There is certainly uncertainty over the near future of the property market as a result of Brexit however homeowners do still have a choice, to either rent or sell. Selling your old house to move into a new one means that you have a fantastic new home to settle into with exciting times ahead. With the ‘Brexit’ situation in our country, we really don’t know how our lives are going to change when we finally leave the EU. By renting your property instead of selling it, you’re securing your future. If the whole ‘Brexit’ situation goes awry, you’re going to have two properties: one you can sell, one you can live in”

John Bullock, City Sales (Liverpool)

“Brexit is going to affect everything; and because of that I want to share with you a REAL MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY. For us here in the North West I can only see it being positive for property. As property growth in London has stalled investors have look beyond The City to splash the cash. Birmingham is actually experiencing a property boom and people are paying top top prices. Manchester is not quite at boom status it’s certainly getting there and people are paying top top prices. Leaving Liverpool to harvest the delights of prospective buyers getting in early and making those important acquisitions before Property prices really start to rise.

My advice is bag your bargain NOW as Liverpool is on an upward march in property prices”

It would be good to hear what Southern Independent Estate Agents feel about the impact of Brexit. If you are an Agent in the South, please join the conversation, post your comments below and lets make our own headlines.

As mentioned in the beginning of the post, we work with a number of Independent Estate Agents, providing their clients with Mortgage Advice all year round. For more information about working with us and having your own “in-house” mortgage services, please get in touch with our Partnership Director, Alex Gregory-Chialton on 0345 226 2831

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